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Case Studies

Case study 1 - CHESTER

Mercer holdings were commissioned to assess an existing installation consisting of 8 No N+1 UPS systems ranging from 80KVA to 500KVA. The objective was to consider the feasibility of installing permanent load bank connection panels between the UPS common load bus and the critical load switchgear, without interruption to the critical load. One of the UPS in each of the N+1 systems needed to remain on line at all times and all works would be undertaken out of hours. The objective was ultimately to enable the client to independently switch out and load test a UPS module without the need to isolate the N+1 system fro the critical load, in addition should a UPS module develop a fault it could be repaired and proven on a test load prior to connection into the N+1 configuration, or in fact the N+1 system could be fully tested whilst the Critical load was supported on External Maintenance bypass.

Our technical Managers spent a week on site considering the proposal and consulting the as built site drawings as well as the existing installation, not just from an electrical installation perspective but also from a mechanical perspective when considering the space required to site the new Load bank panels.

We worked on a proposal, which enabled the design of the switchgear for each system ranging from 80KVA N+1 through to 500KVA N+1. Once the Switchgear designs were produced we worked with the consultant and client to produce a method that would enable the installation of new load bank panels without compromise to the critical load.

The project was completed on time and on budget and without loss of critical load, we installed over 5 Miles of new cable ranging from 95mm to parallel 240mm. We installed new cable management and certificated the new installation to BS7671 2008 17th edition.

Case study 2 - KINGS CROSS

Mercer Holdings were commissioned for the Installation of

  • 1MVA Standby Generator
  • 2 No 160KVA UPS N+1 complete with 30min Battery
  • New 1600A mains switch panel with integral AMF
  • New data centre parallel power PDU
  • Under floor BS4343 circuits
  • Full cable management systems to support the above.

This installation was literally from the mains though to IT equipment, the site had long since suffered from poor power quality, lack of expansion possibilities and end of life critical power protection.

The Installation and project management was undertaken by Mercer holdings working in conjunction with the client, end user and consultant.

We committed to deadlines, installation practices and standards and we delivered.

The original main 1600A panel was decommissioned disconnected and removed, the new panel was delivered positioned and installed with all circuits operational in two days, working around the clock on an Easter bank holiday weekend, when the Business returned to work after Easter they were fully operational.

The Generator cabling was laid in a purpose built trench, all connection were undertaken in Normal working hours

We installed a 315A SWA LSF supply from the mains panel to the UPS room including new cable management over a distance of 120M

The UPS and battery installation was located at ground floor level and included aExternal Maintenance Bypass Switch with a dual output. From each output way we installed 250A TPN SWA LSF supply on new cable management system though the building up risers and into the data centre, over 200M

From each of the newly installed PDU's we installed dual power feeds to each of the rack location.

When the new infrastructure was fully commissioned, we seamlessly migrated the IT equipment from the old system to the new.

Once the data centre was 100% operational on the new system we removed and disposed of the old UPS, Generator, batteries and switchgear.

Full documentation was issued as an O&M manual complete with test certificates.


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